Welcome to the world, Nathaniel David!

April 8, 2012

Jesus saw Nathanael com­ing to Him, and said of him, ‘Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no deceit!’ Nathanael said to Him, ‘How do You know me?’ Jesus answered and said to him, ‘Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you.’ ”
–John 1: 48–49 (NASB)

In my pre­vi­ous post, I had men­tioned that I would reveal why I had to cut my trip to the Philip­pines short. And now,…you know! As much as I enjoyed my trip, my mind was on get­ting back home and antic­i­pate the arrival of our baby (for who knew if he was going to come ear­ly!).

Baby Nathaniel David came to us on April 3 at 3:53am. What a bless­ing! What a mir­a­cle! With many fam­i­ly and friends pray­ing through the preg­nan­cy, the deliv­ery was safe and suc­cess­ful. Lead­ing up to this cli­mac­tic evening-into-morn­ing event, peo­ple asked me if I was ner­vous. I was­n’t as ner­vous as I was curi­ous to expe­ri­ence what the deliv­ery phase would be like. All I can say is that Michelle was the great­est mom ever, show­ing her patience, strength and deter­mi­na­tion through it all. Nurse Eve­lyn was so thought­ful to make me “the Announc­er” of our baby’s gen­der (as we decid­ed to keep it a sur­prise). But when Nathaniel came out, I was in so much joy­ous shock that I for­got to announce it…until Michelle remind­ed me, “Well, what is it?!” They say, babies change par­ents’ lives and I agree. But in addi­tion, they bring anoth­er lev­el of love into one’s mar­riage.

I hope you enjoy these pho­tos of the first day with Nathaniel! Actu­al­ly, I’ll start off with some mater­ni­ty ones.

Just want­ed to say a spe­cial thank you to the staff at Scar­bor­ough Grace Hos­pi­tal, the awe­some sup­port of Rean that evening and the guid­ance of Ste­fanie, the direc­tor of the Dis­cov­er Birth Child­birth Edu­ca­tion and Doula Ser­vices.

A heart­felt thank you to fam­i­ly and friends, espe­cial­ly Nathaniel’s new-imme­di­ate grand­par­ents and uncles. Mom-Lor­raine, you were an amaz­ing and sup­port­ive birth coach to be part­ners with!

And final­ly, of course, with­out God’s grace, none of this would be pos­si­ble!

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…here’s Nathaniel David!…
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021-mdd_MG_8825_lo-res       025-mdd_MG_8847_lo-res

…the proud fam­i­ly mem­bers…
031-mdd_MG_8883_lo-res       032-mdd_MG_8887_lo-res

So you got to the end of this post…so you thought. We’d like to take this bit­ter-sweet oppor­tu­ni­ty to acknowl­edge our very first son, Ben­jamin Joseph. In 2010, we had been expect­ing his arrival. And in an unfor­tu­nate turn of events, he had passed away in utero at 6‑months. He had already made us fall in love with him the moment we found out we were expect­ing and it was heart-wrench­ing to know that we weren’t going to be able watch him grow. But still, he was a bless­ing to us. So as a small trib­ute, here are a few pho­tos of him. This ded­i­ca­tion is for you, our lit­tle saint and Nathaniel’s big broth­er, who is up there in heav­en watch­ing over us and inter­ced­ing for our prayers. We love you and miss you always!


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