We Are Fa-mi-ly! The Douglas Family

February 25, 2016

…and God said to them, “Be fruit­ful and mul­ti­ply…” — Gen 1:28

Caris­sa and Patrick took the part of their wed­ding vows seri­ous­ly when they accept­ed “… chil­dren lov­ing­ly from God, and (will) bring them up accord­ing to the law of Christ and his Church.” Hav­ing a large fam­i­ly, how­ev­er, was already their heart’s desire even before they met (as their tes­ti­mo­ny goes). I am so blessed to have them as friends (let alone god­par­ents to one of my sons) for their love for life can only be reflect­ed by their devo­tion to God which is inspir­ing in my own per­son­al and fam­i­ly life.

When I was first intro­duced to them, Caris­sa and Patrick already six kids. I thought I would­n’t be able to remem­ber any of their names! Because each one of them is “fear­ful­ly and won­der­ful­ly made” (Psalm 139:14), it was actu­al­ly easy to do so. As such, Caris­sa had used them as mod­els to draw and write a series of chil­dren’s Catholic Chris­t­ian books called The Lit­tle Douglings in order to inspire both par­ents and chil­dren, alike, to learn more about their faith and live out a ful­fill­ing way of life. If you have a chance, check out these books at www.littledouglings.com or fol­low them through www.facebook.com/LittleDouglings. You and your child(ren) will def­i­nite­ly enjoy them, as much as we do in our fam­i­ly.

You may have noticed that my pre­vi­ous “About Face” posts have show­cased both Caris­sa and Patrick. Now, I present to you the bright-eyed faces of their love­ly chil­dren who are the result of their beau­ti­ful and hand­some souls, respec­tive­ly.

Thank you, Caris­sa and Patrick for giv­ing me the oppor­tu­ni­ty to cap­ture these won­der­ful fam­i­ly pics!


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