Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2015 Year!

December 25, 2014

Christ­mas time…is here!” as the clas­sic song croons us with this won­der­ful announce­ment. It’s also a time for reflec­tion of how the year had passed…an exam­i­na­tion of con­science, if you will. I can say that I am so grate­ful for the many bless­ings I have been giv­en, as this was my busiest year yet. Still man­ag­ing to keep sane through it all (hehe!), I have been able to reflect upon what I can do bet­ter to keep all of my clients sat­is­fied.

Tak­ing pho­tographs … every­body does: whether through a mobile or hav­ing some­one who has an inkling to snap away dur­ing a par­ty. Every­one loves to share their pho­tos with some­one: every­one loves to share their his­to­ry with some­one. For me, tak­ing pho­tographs is more than just being shut­ter-hap­py and apply­ing “cool” effects in the post-pro­duc­tion. It’s real­ly all about being a part of peo­ple’s lives. I have been sooo blessed to have made many great con­nec­tions with all of my clients, who I now have the priv­i­lege to call friends. By cap­tur­ing moments in time in which they will reflect upon and remem­ber, I only hope to reveal the beau­ty that had sur­round­ed them at that moment. And this is what I will con­tin­u­al­ly strive for with each ses­sion in this com­ing year and the years to come.

So on this Christ­mas Day, from my fam­i­ly to yours, may your lives be filled with many mem­o­rable bless­ings! Thank you for all your sup­port!

And these are my par­ents, as they were expect­ing me “X” num­ber of years ago…

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