L.V. + C.W. ~ The Answer Is “Yes!”

June 25, 2015

It is always hum­bling when being referred to by friends to their best friends, even if they are miles away! Because of the dis­tance that sep­a­rat­ed Lau­ra & Col­in and I, we set up a Skype meet­ing. (Yes, I can do inter­views through Skype, Face­Time or Google Hang­outs. Got­ta love tech­nol­o­gy!) As the meet­ing went on, there was a point when I felt I was watch­ing the begin­ning sec­tion of “When Har­ry Met Sal­ly” in a he-said/she-said seg­ment. When I asked about how Col­in pro­posed, he gave me the Coles Notes ver­sion. Then, Lau­ra’s take was the unabridged detailed ver­sion, only to reveal that Col­in was being hum­ble with his sur­prise proposal!

Their engage­ment took place on Lau­ra’s par­ents’ estate which would also be the loca­tion for the wed­ding recep­tion. It most cer­tain­ly made for a beau­ti­ful back­drop. There were lots of smiles and gig­gles, as much as there were mos­qui­toes (j/k!) but that did­n’t damper the expres­sion of love between them.

Keep post­ed for their wed­ding pics!


…oh, those blast­ed mosquitoes!…


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