Kung Hei Fat Choi!

February 8, 2011

Hap­py Chi­nese New Year to you all! This is the Year of the Hare/Rabbit/Bunny…what have you… Over the week­end, we had cel­e­brat­ed this won­drous occa­sion with our fam­i­ly. But you may say to your­self, “I thought he was Fil­ipino?” And that I am! It is Father-in-law’s wife who’s from Macau and who we owe the plea­sure of enjoy­ing a 12-course feast at the Bril­liant Chi­nese Restau­rant in Markham! What’s a hol­i­day with­out food, eh? I tried to be dili­gent in know­ing what each plat­ter was but the food just kept on comin’ and it was hard to keep track (let alone take pictures!)…(let alone keep my bel­ly full before each dish was devoured!). What I could remem­ber, though, was that we ate: shark fin soup; duck breast wrapped in a spring roll wrap­per with cucum­ber slices and hoisin sauce; “bird’s nest”: dried noo­dles shaped like a nest filled with beef, lichees and snow peas; Chi­nese-style rotis­seried chick­en; bok choy veg­gies; sweet and sour pork (the best I’ve tast­ed) with slices of green pep­pers, red pep­pers, pineap­ple, mel­on; fried rice (of course!); scal­lops served on tofu; shred­ded duck meat wrapped in a leaf of let­tuce (so fresh!); noo­dles (I don’t know the style but it tast­ed some­thing sim­i­lar to the Viet­namese fried noodles…dare I say!); and final­ly, red bean sauce. Whew! Was that 12?…close enough! I think I’m hun­gry again! Any­ways, here are some pho­tos to help savour your taste­buds.





P.S.  I just remem­bered that the oth­er dish not men­tioned (and not pho­tographed) was the fish dish.  Sor­ry, I just don’t eat fish (unless it’s in sushi…haha!)!  So that does make 12…Amen to that!

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