Into the Woods with the Øgaard Family

April 27, 2020

When I met this fam­i­ly, I was think­ing how much I was going to learn from Don­na and Peter who were rais­ing three boys, just like me. And I cer­tain­ly did!

What I learned is to let them have fun. Boys are explor­ers, they like to climb trees, get into the thick of bush­es, get their hands (some­times clothes) dirty – and because of this, as par­ents, we can let them do all that yet be there to reel them in when they need our help or go astray.

I had a lot of fun with them, walk­ing through the woods and watch­ing them explore nature, as a fam­i­ly. Because the boys were old­er than mine, I could only imag­ine the sim­i­lar great expe­ri­ence I would have when my own would get to that age. As well, I would love to be just like Don­na and Peter, who looked at their sons with proud and lov­ing eyes see­ing their cama­raderie through­out the entire pho­to­shoot.

Hope you enjoy these high­lights from their fam­i­ly adven­ture ses­sion!


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