Heather + Bruno ~ The Answer Is Yes!

April 23, 2020

It was a fate­ful bus ride to Madon­na House where my wife and Heather met. With like-mind­ed souls, both going there for the same pur­pose of enrich­ing their per­son­al faith jour­ney, that moment was the start of a long-last­ing friend­ship. Heather end­ed up hon­our­ing us with her pres­ence as a brides­maid at our wed­ding. And now, I was hon­oured to cap­ture her long-await­ed sacra­ment of mat­ri­mo­ny to Bruno, a man after God’s heart.

Because their engage­ment ses­sion was sched­uled in the win­ter, the weath­er made it a bit too frigid to shoot out­doors. Plan B = sis­ter + broth­er-in-law’s beau­ti­ful home! You may remem­ber Michelle and Dan, whose engage­ment ses­sion and wed­ding day, I had cap­tured a few years back. It was so great to recon­nect with them, on top of the excite­ment of Heather and Bruno’s upcom­ing wed­ding. Their beau­ti­ful home had so many great nooks and cran­nies at our dis­pos­al; even an expanse of a wall where we even set up a small stu­dio style ses­sion.

Not long after, came their wed­ding … so hang tight and hope you enjoy these indoor, cozy engage­ment pics!


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