Fall”-ing for the Sunga Family

December 7, 2018

Where do I even begin with this fam­i­ly? JP and I had first known “of” each oth­er, through the cir­cle of musi­cian friends who loved to jam, record and song-write all for the love of music! Yet, once we actu­al­ly got togeth­er for a few col­la­bos, it was a friend­ship that was going to remain unbro­ken. Through prov­i­dence, his beau­ti­ful wife Janet came into his life only to pair him with anoth­er splen­did musi­cian, whose tal­ent she shares as a music teacher.

I was so hum­bled when they had approached me to cap­ture their fam­i­ly! I have seen JP and Janet through their dat­ing stage, their mar­riage and through the births of each one of their cute kid­dies. Our friend­ship made the ses­sion so easy, I think I was hav­ing more fun with all of them. As we walked around Vic­to­ria Park Lake in Kitch­en­er, the sun nat­u­ral­ly did its job pro­vid­ing gold­en light to bring out even more the love they all share with one anoth­er.

As I was shoot­ing, my fam­i­ly also came along. And after the ses­sion, we all had a great catch-up at the Sun­ga res­i­dence, shar­ing a savoury meal and laugh­ter.

Much love and bless­ings to them all!

[Feel free to check out JP’s music: YouTube or Sound­cloud]


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