Callum Familyshoot

January 26, 2012

Although there had­n’t been an orig­i­nal post for these group of pic­tures, they were fea­tured in the gallery in my pre­vi­ous web­site design. At least now, I can talk a lit­tle more about them!

Back in 2007, Michelle (my cousin) and Cameron had asked me to take “bel­ly” shots as they were expect­ing their first son, Ethan. We had a great time and to tell you hon­est­ly, it was my first “bel­ly” photoshoot…and they knew that too! Haha! They made it so easy for me, as you could tell their antic­i­pa­tion for their first born was reflect­ed in their bond caught by the cam­era.

For­ward to 2009, Ethan’s grown to be a strap­ping young man and this time, he’s expect­ing the arrival of his broth­er, Matthew. It was very gra­cious of them to ask me for anoth­er shoot, which I took with­out hes­i­ta­tion. I tell you this (and not that I’m biased by rela­tion!) … this Cal­lum fam­i­ly is so giv­ing and lov­ing of each oth­er, it’s inde­scrib­able. Even Bax­ter, their dog, adds to the won­der­ful essence that make any­one feel cared for when you’re around this fam­i­ly.

Hope you enjoy these fam­i­ly pics!

001-mddIMG_3267_lo-res.jpg     002-mddIMG_3269_lo-res.jpg
003-mddIMG_3273_lo-res.jpg     008-mddIMG_3306_lo-res.jpg
005-mddIMG_3293_lo-res.jpg     006-mddIMG_3296_lo-res.jpg
011-mdd_MG_1151_lo-res.jpg     001-mdd_MG_1120_lo-res.jpg

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