C.A. + F.A. ~ The Answer Is Yes!

February 4, 2016

Real­ly inter­est­ing how I met Car­oli­na and Fran­cis­co: Along with my wife and broth­er, we were asked to pro­vide music for a week­end retreat. As Spir­it-filled as it was, I got to meet this young cou­ple: two beau­ti­ful souls des­tined for each oth­er. It was only a mat­ter of time that the next phase of their lives would lead to mar­riage and I was so hon­oured when they con­tact­ed me to cap­ture their engage­ment ses­sion, as they would hold the wed­ding day in Car­oli­na’s home coun­try lat­er in the year.

High Park was bask­ing in sun­light and it was like God had been my light­ing assis­tant only to pro­vide the best light­ing con­di­tions in order for me to snap away, as Car­oli­na and Fran­cis­co glowed every time they looked at each oth­er. Both are accom­plished musi­cians and I loved how they added their instru­ments to give this ses­sion a per­son­al touch. It’s only befit­ting to say that they would live har­mo­nious­ly ever after!

Thank you for bless­ing me with your lives, Car­oli­na and Fran­cis­co!


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