Wel­come! Come in! Eat! Eat!…as my Fil­ipino aunt would always say as I stepped halfway through her front door – for­get­ting about the mun­dane for­mal­i­ties of “Hi!” or “How are you?” As was her intent, I hope you also enjoy and feast on the pho­tographs I have pre­pared. Who would have thought that a 10-year sub­scrip­tion to Nation­al Geo­graph­ic when I was younger would lead to a pas­sion for pho­tog­ra­phy lat­er on in life? Okay, so I’ll be hon­est to say that I didn’t actu­al­ly read the arti­cles. But the images were so res­o­nant that they had a great impact on how I view the world now. As they say, a pic­ture is worth a thou­sand words. I like to cap­ture moments in time in a pho­to­jour­nal­is­tic way (hence, the Nation­al Geo­graph­ic plug) yet treat each frame, each image as a work of art. I trav­el as light as I can and let the nat­ur­al light reveal the beau­ty and char­ac­ter of the pho­to.

I can­not express how grate­ful I am to our Lord, Jesus Christ, for through Him, I am able to spe­cial­ize in sacra­men­tal wed­dings, engage­ment ses­sions, fam­i­ly lifestyle ses­sions, mater­ni­ty + new­born ses­sions and por­trai­ture + head shots.

Jesus looked straight at them and answered, ‘This is impos­si­ble for human beings, but for God every­thing is pos­si­ble.’ ” – Matt 19:26

God bless you!

Michael Dave Dizon

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