A Day in a Life of Emery

July 23, 2015

This was the funnest, most cre­ative fam­i­ly ses­sion yet. Edgar and I go way back…high school. He was a grade old­er, yet being both in the visu­al arts streams, he was tru­ly some­one I looked up to (and not because he was any­where near taller than me *inside j/k!*!). From his draw­ings to his paint­ings and his graph­ic design in col­lege, I only aspired to be as cre­ative as him. I am lucky enough to see him more often, despite the busy sched­ules of work and hav­ing fam­i­lies. In one of our walk-and-talks, he approached me to do a fam­i­ly ses­sion, not only to cap­ture this phase in his life but as a thought­ful and lov­ing sur­prise birth­day present for his wife, Shiu-Chi. I was so hum­bled!!!

Of course, he shared his vision of how the ses­sion was going to go and boy, was I excit­ed. This was prac­ti­cal­ly going to be like cov­er­ing a wed­ding: get­ting can­dids of the sub­jects in action, cap­tur­ing details along the way, and some por­trai­ture from time to time. And that’s why this fam­i­ly ses­sion is enti­tled: “A Day in a Life of Emery”.

Emery was soooo cute and ready for action. Edgar and Shiu-Chi were excel­lent par­ents, know­ing how to keep her enter­tained and, most of all, smil­ing for the cam­era. In the cou­ple of hours we had togeth­er, we took a pleas­ant stroll through Main Street, Unionville, cov­er­ing both the quaint street and the neigh­bour­ing Too Good Pond. And we fin­ished off for some last lifestyle shots at their beau­ti­ful home.

As a result, I now offer this “Lifestyle Pack­age”, as anoth­er option to a for­mal­ized por­trait ses­sion.

Thank you Edgar, Shiu-Chi and Emery for allow­ing me to be a part of your life’s jour­ney! Love you all!

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