A Captured Moment with Sisters: Maggie and Alex

March 16, 2020

The term “fam­i­ly” goes a long way as to how I con­nect­ed with these two beau­ti­ful souls, Mag­gie and Alex. When I joined the Uni­ver­si­ty of Toron­to Gospel Choir (UTGC), I was mere­ly seek­ing a musi­cal out­let, as I had fin­ished my term as a can­tor at my church. Lit­tle did I know, UTGC was not just a choir that had tal­ent­ed singers and musi­cians that would tan­ta­lize their audi­ence with their songs. They were a faith-dri­ven group who real­ly put empha­sis on preach­ing what they prac­ticed. My Chris­t­ian faith-jour­ney grew along­side all who were part of this col­lec­tive group and whom I can now call fam­i­ly.

One of my “sis­ters” from this group was Tsa­hai! As fam­i­ly does, we kept in con­tact through the years after we had tak­en a bow from the choir. As such, I was only hum­bled that she would reach out to me to cap­ture the won­der­ful daugh­ters, her and her hus­band, Peter, have raised. We re-posed a pic­ture that they rit­u­al­ly took and then the ses­sion took off into a fun mod­el­ling ses­sion. Mag­gie and Alex were so great to work with and knew how to be their nat­ur­al-selves! There was one shot I includ­ed when Alex had sneezed and Mag­gie burst out laugh­ing. What more can you ask from sis­ters that can laugh with/at each oth­er!

Hope you enjoy their por­traits!


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