A Captured Moment with Alfie Vente

March 15, 2019

Prov­i­dence or the ben­e­fits of social media? I think the first that made for the lat­ter. Alfie and I haven’t seen each oth­er since almost 20 years with our mutu­al friends. It was only prov­i­dence that through a Face­book query, look­ing for pho­tog­ra­phers, that we would recon­nect.

Alfie Vente, from Vente Pain Relief Clin­ic, was look­ing to get some updat­ed head shots yet most impor­tant­ly, edi­to­r­i­al pho­tos for his lat­est mar­ket­ing plan. I was over­joyed that from the oth­er options he had con­sid­ered, he end­ed up hir­ing me. For me, it was­n’t just about the ses­sion. More­so, it was recon­nect­ing with an ol’ friend and rem­i­nisc­ing about many fun events we expe­ri­enced.

The ses­sion was late after­noon and in his offices on the 56th floor of the First Cana­di­an Place. After our dis­cus­sion, I knew I had a lim­it­ed win­dow in order to cap­ture the sun­set over­look­ing the won­der­ful Toron­to sky­line and down­town core. It went well with some of the calm pos­es and peace­ful essence we want­ed to cap­ture. With the assis­tance of his beau­ti­ful wife, San­dra, cap­tur­ing some behind-the-scenes footage, it was def­i­nite­ly a suc­cess! (check below for the clip!)

Cur­rent­ly, the final­ized (and cho­sen) image is dis­played in a 4 x 6‑foot poster in one of the most busiest cor­ri­dors between First Cana­di­an Place and Sco­tia Plaza. I even went there to check it out and found it very chal­leng­ing to even get a self­ie with it. Haha!

All in all, I love it when these sur­prise gigs come about because recon­nect­ing with a great friend and see­ing the suc­cess of the ses­sion dis­played makes it all worth it.

God bless to you, Alfie and San­dra, and to the suc­cess of the busi­ness!

002_DSCF8605_6000 x 4000.jpg

001_DSCF8683_6000 x 4000.jpg

004_DSCF8629_6000 x 4000.jpg

003_DSCF8617_6000 x 4000.jpg

005_DSCF8648_6000 x 4000.jpg

006_DSCF8692_6000 x 4000.jpg

007_DSCF8688_4000 x 6000.jpg008_DSCF8702_4000 x 6000.jpg

010_DSCF8699_6000 x 4000.jpg

009_DSCF8695_6000 x 4000.jpg

011_DSCF8711_4000 x 6000.jpg012_DSCF8712_4000 x 6000.jpg

013_DSCF8714_6000 x 4000.jpg

014_DSCF8732_4000 x 6000.jpg015_DSCF8741_4000 x 6000.jpg

016_DSCF8744_4000 x 6000.jpg017_DSCF8757_4000 x 6000.jpg

018_DSCF8778_6000 x 4000.jpg

019_DSCF8802_6000 x 4000.jpg

020_DSCF8811_6000 x 4000.jpg

021_DSCF8817_6000 x 4000.jpg

[behind the scenes]

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