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January 17, 2014

So this is how Facebook works best … reconnections! I knew Carin way back in elementary school but only really got to be great friends in high school. After graduation, everyone went their separate ways and went on with their life’s journey. Well, enter Facebook. When I had decided to “finally” join Facebook (my excuse … for this photography biz), it was all too natural in the beginning to be amazed at how many people use it (let alone peer into each other’s lives and be amazed at how either people have changed or didn’t!).

After reconnecting with Carin, it was great to see that she was still using her creativity in the visual arts and offering her loving-self and dedication to her family. It was so great to meet “her boyz” at the family session at Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park and despite the cold weather, this family knew how to make the best of it. Even doing simple jumping jacks to warm up made for great photos of Isaiah and Noah, as Mike and Carin stood in the background either amused or embarrassed…haha! I couldn’t have been more honoured to be asked to capture this phase of their lives.

Through these wonderful smiles you will soon see below, know that they come with courage, hope and perseverance. Mike and Carin have been the best super-parents as they had to deal with the trials of their youngest son, Isaiah, being diagnosed with Kawasaki disease and “…living with multiple coronary aneurysms…[who had]…recently underwent double bypass surgery.”1 Praise be to God, Isaiah is a survivor. He’s such an inspiration and was certainly a great ball of energy at the session. If you would like to learn more about his journey, please feel free to visit: www.facebook.com/IsaiahsKDJourney or isaiahskdjourney.blogspot.ca. And should you feel moved to make any donations for the cause, please visit the Kawasaki Disease Foundation, The Heart and Stroke Foundation or The SickKids Foundation. Thank you so much for your support in advance!

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