We Are Fa-mi-ly! The Belo Family

January 7, 2016

Whenever I’m asked to take photos of friends whom I admire, I’m both humbled and excited to see them at the session. As I’ve gotten to know them through one of my groomsmen, Moses, who is cousins with Oliver (the husband and father of this family), I know of their many accomplishments. Aside from their children being multi-talented with music (some being part of the Mini-Pops or winning rugby tournaments, what I admire the most is their Christian faith. Their faith is what leads them to success in life and it’s no doubt that it stems from Oliver and Brianna.

Their house was to be the backdrop to their session and what a beautiful set it was! Not only did I have a lot of space to work with, the style and taste of the decor made it like a studio in itself.

But not to be outdone by their lovely smiles, this family can also ham it up as you will see in the “blooper” section below. I really enjoyed capturing this phase of their lives. The last pic contrasts a good eight-year span and it was fun to try to recreate the original group shot.

Belo Family, thank you for being great friends and allowing me to capture your beautiful souls!


The Bloopers


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