The Solivio Familyshoot

October 12, 2012

Four years ago was the last time I had seen my dear cousin, Marie, her husband, Jesher and her son, Caleb, as they flew over from California for my wedding. Now, you have to understand that Caleb (aka K-Bear) was at the tender age of 10 and a cute little thing. Fast forward to this past September (flying back up to Canada to attend my cousin‘s wedding), Caleb went from “cub” only to fulfill his nickname K-BEAR! We couldn’t believe how much he had grown in a span of only four years!

Marie and I had set up this photoshoot because she wanted to update her family photos. Because of the busy schedule during the week of my cousin’s wedding, it was challenging to set aside time to shoot it. So, on the night of the wedding rehearsal, the entire family had gone to Mandarin in Mississauga and this was the window of opportunity! I must say, this Mandarin had beautiful landscaping around the parking lot.

It was really fun photographing this family because they are all about love and laughter. Thank you, Solivios, for allowing me to capture this stage in your lives. Marie and Jesher, ya dun well, raising K-Bear to be the handsome young man we know him to be! Until the next visit…

(This first picture was taken four years ago.)
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