K.C. + C.C. ~ The Knot Is Tied

May 5, 2016

The wedding day had finally arrived and it was nothing short of emotional. As timing would have it, Chris and his family had lost a very dear family member so close to the wedding that tears shed were both filled with sadness and joy. I am in utmost admiration of how Karen and Chris had carried themselves throughout […]


K.M. + F.L. ~ The Answer Is “Yes!”

October 8, 2015

After Kim and Fred graciously hired me to cover their wedding, I was so excited to get started on their engagement photoshoot. Hallowe’en is just as big of an event as Christmas and they wanted to incorporate that into both their engagement session and their wedding. As you will see, they decided to use the […]


A Day in a Life of Emery

July 23, 2015

This was the funnest, most creative family session yet. Edgar and I go way back…high school. He was a grade older, yet being both in the visual arts streams, he was truly someone I looked up to (and not because he was anywhere near taller than me *inside j/k!*!). From his drawings to his paintings […]


J.M + S.P. ~ The Knot Is Tied!

January 30, 2015

“Let it go…let it go!!!” Yes, by now, this phrase has been etched in everyone’s memory, as the popular Disney movie, “Frozen”, touched many of our hearts. This is certainly my segue to Jessica and Steve’s winter wedding whose hearts they touched through their union. Love certainly was “let go” throughout the day and they […]


J.M. + S.P. ~ The Answer Is “Yes!”

October 2, 2014

I had known Jessica since I had joined the University of Toronto Gospel Choir back in 2003. Not only did we connect on a Filipino level, her bright personality just uplifts anyone she meets. And to match that sunshine, why not add another large reflector to spread that joy around (sorry, photographer nerd-speak). I only […]


M.F. + D.L. ~ The Answer is “Yes!”

May 1, 2013

This year, the spring season has really been teasing us … more like confusing us when it would truly arrive. Regardless of when, the weather was not going to stop Mandana and Dan from getting their engagement shots done. In actuality, they really wanted to have a snowy backdrop and thankfully (I say that loosely) […]


Kaileigh’s Family Photoshoot

November 8, 2012

Since Nathaniel has entered our lives (now, at seven months), our life has changed: topics of conversation have all been concentrated on “what’s best for baby”; meeting new parents who can empathize with new experiences and “unknowns”; and of course, rearranging schedules to accommodate proper sleeping habits … well rested baby = happy baby = […]


J.C. + I.V. : 100% Married!

November 9, 2011

What started off as a sunny day, … ended up being one of the most glorious, rainy days, as the love that both Jocelyn and Immanuel exuded brought rays of sunshine to all their family and friends. You may remember this couple who creatively requested that their engagement shoot resemble a date night. Certainly, that […]