Philippines 2012: Day 6

April 2, 2012

Well, this is the last day and we’re off to see an aunt who had invited us over for lunch and dinner. Getting there was quite a trek as the traffic was nuts! Let’s say there are three lanes going in the same direction, here in North America. That would easily be five (if not 6) lanes for these drivers. As people weave in and out, cut each other off, whether you’re a big truck, a “jeepney“, or tricycle, I am truly surprised that road rage is not even common down there. All the drivers seem to telepathically understand each other and sometimes, two quick toots of the horn is a polite warning of, “Hey! Watch your left, I’m coming around.” Nevertheless, we arrived at my aunt’s beautiful Spanish inspired home. I felt like I was walking around in a Pier1/The Bombay Co. catalogue.

Highlight of the stay: My aunt toured us around the neighbourhood. We got to a facility named The Tuloy Foundation. It was so touching to see and experience a place where street kids are given a chance for education in the trade and culinary arts and practically, a new life! Founded by Fr. Marciano “Rocky” Evangelista, this facility has been primarily funded by the residents of the community. In a sermon (as my aunt explains), Fr. Rocky encouraged the surrounding affluent residents to get involved in their community. Rather than being cooped up in their own homes, fearing to face the unfamiliar faces outside their homes, they would continue to live in fear unless they get involved to help these people. Is that truly a way to live? We were only blessed to have met this inspiring priest and personally congratulate him on his accomplishments. We also met two female clients, aged 8 and 9. One of them had been in the facility for only three months, while her best friend, six years. They were both very polite and you could see that peace and joy in their eyes for having lived there. Both of them are ecstatic for the upcoming Street Child World Cup (soccer) which will be held in Brazil in 2014. Imagine that…three months ago, one of them was living with her mom in “God-knows-what-kind-of-situation”. And now, she’s preparing to travel across continents and enjoy her childhood!

What a way to end my stay in the Philippines…with a sense of hope. Hope that there is a brighter tomorrow but it will only happen if we get involved in our own communities and help each other.

I hope you had enjoyed this trip! ‘Till the next post!!

…Jollibee is McDonald’s competitor in the Philippines, boasting some home-made dishes…but in a fast-food setting!…


…don’t judge me! I had to try it…


…there is a Ronald McDonald House in this Tuloy Foundation facility…

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