Philippines 2012: Day 5

April 2, 2012

When your trip is short, you certainly need to wake up early to get the most out of the day, right? Ask me if I still had any energy by 8:00pm after all the daily activities…ask me if the food was still good! There’s your answer…haha!

Playing golf in Philippines is certainly different than I’ve ever experienced. I’ll be honest to say that I love the game but haven’t played consistently enough to enjoy it, so I was dreading the round, a little. But when you have caddies assigned to each player who would hand you your clubs, look for any lost balls and ensure that you’re shaded with a large umbrella whilst waiting for the next player to hit,…what’s NOT to love about the game?! Mimosa Golf Course was very beautiful and challenging.

And to top off the day, we dined at a local restaurant “Jun Jun’s”, with barbeque’d “everything” using a traditional recipe.

Trip is almost done…<tear!>


…for those who know me well, I have an affinity to McDonald’s…

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