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May 1, 2013

This year, the spring season has really been teasing us … more like confusing us when it would truly arrive. Regardless of when, the weather was not going to stop Mandana and Dan from getting their engagement shots done. In actuality, they really wanted to have a snowy backdrop and thankfully (I say that loosely) the weather was cold enough to keep the snow on the ground for them.

I have to hand it them, though. It was -2 degrees Celcius and like true models they stuck it out making it look natural like it was at least 10 degrees while wearing beautiful Chinese clothing. (Man, that was a mouthful!) But the challenge only brought them closer together to keep warm and naturally have the camera capture their love for each other.

We shot this session at Milne Dam Conservation Park in Markham. With that amount of space, it was great to also have their cute dog, Panda, join in the fun. We were blessed that it snowed lightly, as if we were on a movie set. So all the snowflakes you see in these photos are certainly real!

All in all, we had a great time and I’m looking forward to shooting their wedding later on this year!




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