L.X. + B.G. ~ The Answer Is “Yes!”

June 11, 2015

Although I had met Lisa and Bob through a referral from a great supportive friend, it seems like it was inevitable. Upon connecting on Facebook, I noticed Lisa and I had mutual friends from high school and I had to ask how she knew them? Well, apparently, we were at school at the same time!!! How bizarre is that?!

As our paths had crossed at the right time, I was only honoured to capture this wonderful phase of their lives. We had decided to shoot their engagement session that Port Whitby Marina, which I’m all too familiar with. And this is what I love about that area, you can never find the “same” shot in the same location, as each couple is unique! The weather was bright and sunny, just like their personalities and you will see how natural and wonderful they expressed their love for each other in front of the camera. And this was only a warm-up session for their wedding…stay tuned!


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