L.A. + R.R. ~ The Knot Is Tied!

January 28, 2016

The big wedding day had finally come for Llorene and Renard and excitement started to buzz since the morning. Seeing the guys laugh it up and joke around as they got ready, was a lot of fun to shoot. Then, arriving at the bride’s parent’s home, the fragrances that filled the air foretold that it was going to be a special and regal day.

The ceremony was held at St. Alfonsus Church and it was so great to reuinite with a lot of mutual friends from my previous parish and other familiar faces from the Catholic Chaplaincy at York University.

Then, we shot the formals at the Kortright Centre. Having been there for the first time, I was in awe of the beauty of this place. It had a really great mix of an enchanting bare trees, to a “forest cave”, to an expanse of grassy area. And moving from place to place was all fun and laughter with this amazing group of a wedding party.

Finally, at the reception at Le Jardin, Llorene and Renard made their most memorable entrance. The DJ and MC hyped up the guests getting them all to rally their serviettes as the song “Palance” filled the room. As soon as the doors opened, nothing stopped the bride and groom from jumping and dancing in and elevating everyone’s hearts to 200%!!!

What a great night to start off a marriage for eternity! Congratulations and blessings, Llorene and Renard!

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