Kung Hei Fat Choi!

February 8, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year to you all! This is the Year of the Hare/Rabbit/Bunny…what have you… Over the weekend, we had celebrated this wondrous occasion with our family. But you may say to yourself, “I thought he was Filipino?” And that I am! It is Father-in-law’s wife who’s from Macau and who we owe the pleasure of enjoying a 12-course feast at the Brilliant Chinese Restaurant in Markham! What’s a holiday without food, eh? I tried to be diligent in knowing what each platter was but the food just kept on comin’ and it was hard to keep track (let alone take pictures!)…(let alone keep my belly full before each dish was devoured!). What I could remember, though, was that we ate: shark fin soup; duck breast wrapped in a spring roll wrapper with cucumber slices and hoisin sauce; “bird’s nest”: dried noodles shaped like a nest filled with beef, lichees and snow peas; Chinese-style rotisseried chicken; bok choy veggies; sweet and sour pork (the best I’ve tasted) with slices of green peppers, red peppers, pineapple, melon; fried rice (of course!); scallops served on tofu; shredded duck meat wrapped in a leaf of lettuce (so fresh!); noodles (I don’t know the style but it tasted something similar to the Vietnamese fried noodles…dare I say!); and finally, red bean sauce. Whew! Was that 12?…close enough! I think I’m hungry again! Anyways, here are some photos to help savour your tastebuds.





P.S.  I just remembered that the other dish not mentioned (and not photographed) was the fish dish.  Sorry, I just don’t eat fish (unless it’s in sushi…haha!)!  So that does make 12…Amen to that!

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