K.M. + F.L. ~ The Answer Is “Yes!”

October 8, 2015

After Kim and Fred graciously hired me to cover their wedding, I was so excited to get started on their engagement photoshoot. Hallowe’en is just as big of an event as Christmas and they wanted to incorporate that into both their engagement session and their wedding. As you will see, they decided to use the Mad Hatter Tea Party theme from “Alice in Wonderland” and the Milne Dam Conservation Park was a perfect setting. What intricate detail they took to set the table!

Just before, we did some portraits with their beautiful doggies. (And here’s a bit of a plug in for the company Kim works for as a daycare owner: Canine Campus.) Thereafter, they were used to tell the story of getting to the tea party.

Finally, when it comes to Nerf gunslinging, this duo is one that you wouldn’t want to cross…a Bonnie and Clyde, if you will.

It’s always wonderful to collaborate with a couple of creative minds such as Kim and Fred. And I can’t wait to show you how their wedding turned out. Hang tight!


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