I.F. + A.M. : 100% Engaged!

October 18, 2011

mddpho­tog­ra­phy gets punk’d. Yup! You read that right. But this prac­ti­cal joke end­ed up with a very heart­warm­ing result rather than leav­ing the vic­tim with a very embarass­ing facial expres­sion as the accom­plices slow­ly come out of the wood­work still laugh­ing and point­ing fin­gers. :0P

To make a long sto­ry short, I had received an eMail from a ran­dom brows­er who con­tact­ed me upon review­ing my site and was cap­tured by one of the engage­ment shoots I had done at U of T (where he and his fiancée first met). The inter­est went from want­i­ng me to shoot his wed­ding, then down to just an engage­ment shoot because they were going to have a des­ti­na­tion wed­ding – “Why not bring me?!”, said I to myself! Jim James Sanders was very pleas­ant in the exchange of eMails but always evad­ed my request to meet up with him and his fiancée, Bon­nie, before the shoot – as I always want to get to know my clients before I pho­to­graph them. It was decid­ed that we were to meet at the Star­bucks café at Robarts Library an hour before the shoot to get famil­iar with each oth­er.

Fast for­ward to the day-of…Michelle and I had stepped into the café look­ing around for Jim James and Bon­nie, with a slight idea of what they might look like. From the cor­ner of my eye, I noticed a cou­ple play­ing on an iPhone (heads hung low) and the female looked dis­tinct­ly like my cousin Iris, but I didn’t both­er inves­ti­gat­ing. Sud­den­ly, from that same cou­ple, the male coun­ter­part stood up and it was Iris’ fiancée, Andrew…WITH Iris! Flab­ber­gast­ed at the coin­ci­dence, Michelle asked, “You guys aren’t Jim and Bon­nie, are you?!?!” With a coy nod, we all screamed with excite­ment, had a great laugh and dis­turbed the rest of the stu­dents in the café. Still in dis­be­lief of this “punk”, we went on our way ecsta­t­ic to do the shoot.

(…sor­ry, was that short enough? I still left out many oth­er deets.)

So as I men­tioned, the result was heart­warm­ing because I had been giv­en this oppor­tu­ni­ty to cap­ture my beau­ti­ful cousin, Iris, with her hand­some and super-nice beau, Andrew, as they are set to get mar­ried next year. The shoot was soooo much fun and it was great to cap­ture how much in-love they are and will be for the many years to come. Thank you “Jim James Sanders” and “Bon­nie” for tak­ing me on a whirl­wind of fun and laugh­ter. You got me good! Love you guys!

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