I.F. + A.M. : 100% Engaged!

October 18, 2011

mddphotography gets punk’d. Yup! You read that right. But this practical joke ended up with a very heartwarming result rather than leaving the victim with a very embarassing facial expression as the accomplices slowly come out of the woodwork still laughing and pointing fingers. :0P

To make a long story short, I had received an eMail from a random browser who contacted me upon reviewing my site and was captured by one of the engagement shoots I had done at U of T (where he and his fiancée first met). The interest went from wanting me to shoot his wedding, then down to just an engagement shoot because they were going to have a destination wedding – “Why not bring me?!”, said I to myself! Jim James Sanders was very pleasant in the exchange of eMails but always evaded my request to meet up with him and his fiancée, Bonnie, before the shoot – as I always want to get to know my clients before I photograph them. It was decided that we were to meet at the Starbucks café at Robarts Library an hour before the shoot to get familiar with each other.

Fast forward to the day-of…Michelle and I had stepped into the café looking around for Jim James and Bonnie, with a slight idea of what they might look like. From the corner of my eye, I noticed a couple playing on an iPhone (heads hung low) and the female looked distinctly like my cousin Iris, but I didn’t bother investigating. Suddenly, from that same couple, the male counterpart stood up and it was Iris’ fiancée, Andrew…WITH Iris! Flabbergasted at the coincidence, Michelle asked, “You guys aren’t Jim and Bonnie, are you?!?!” With a coy nod, we all screamed with excitement, had a great laugh and disturbed the rest of the students in the café. Still in disbelief of this “punk”, we went on our way ecstatic to do the shoot.

(…sorry, was that short enough? I still left out many other deets.)

So as I mentioned, the result was heartwarming because I had been given this opportunity to capture my beautiful cousin, Iris, with her handsome and super-nice beau, Andrew, as they are set to get married next year. The shoot was soooo much fun and it was great to capture how much in-love they are and will be for the many years to come. Thank you “Jim James Sanders” and “Bonnie” for taking me on a whirlwind of fun and laughter. You got me good! Love you guys!

002-mdd_MG_4886_lo-res     008-mdd_MG_4901_lo-res
005-mdd_MG_4529_lo-res     006-mdd_MG_4548_lo-res
016-mdd_MG_4968_lo-res     017-mdd_MG_4976_lo-res
026-mdd_MG_5047_lo-res     027-mdd_MG_5061_lo-res

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