A Captured Moment with Fr. Michael Simoes

May 14, 2015

Last year, on Mother’s Day, one of my good friends became a father…Fr. Michael Simoes, that is! Fr. Michael and I have known each other from our young adult group days at Prince of Peace R.C. Church as far back as … well, I’m not going to date myself (j/k!). Enjoying all the activities and […]


About Face: Portraiture Series

May 7, 2015

In the army, a soldier would automatically react to the command “About face!!!” by turning from whatever position they were in, towards their superior. In the same light, this year I am starting a series called “About Face” where the subjects are the ones turning towards the lens. I have been privileged enough to meet […]


A Captured Moment with Joe Zambon

September 18, 2014

I had met this young talented musician at the Catholic Chaplaincy at York University, as I was nearing the end of my involvement with the choir, as their keyboardist. Joe Zambon had just started as their new pastoral assistant but I had only heard from choir members about his musicianship. It was not until he […]


A Captured Moment with Karen Tan

March 7, 2014

I was so privileged to have been asked to take portraits of a talented local artist, Karen Tan, who has been sought-after by the Filipino community for her wonderful singing voice. We had been friends through mutual friend-musicians and it was a great reunion, as we hadn’t seen each other for a loong time. Karen continues […]


A Captured Moment with Jessica Ann Berube

February 28, 2014

You may find this face familiar, as she was part of the wedding party in Brittany and Kyle’s wedding, a couple posts ago. I was so humbled when Jessica had asked me to take some head shots. Didn’t I mention that the wedding knows no bounds when it comes to artistic talent? Well, Jessica is […]


A Captured Moment with Josh Canning

August 8, 2013

It’s always great to receive support and encouragement from close friends. But when they actually hire you because they believe in you, it’s truly a humbling experience. Josh Canning is one of those friends who requested for some portraits. Not only just for a LinkedIn profile pic, he would use his mug shot as he […]


(E. + R.) C. ~ 25th Anniversary Photoshoot

February 4, 2012

As most of my formal portrait sessions involve engaged or married couples, it is great to see the kind of love that they share: excited and vibrant. Then, the true testament of that love is to be able to use those same descriptors of love 25 years down the road. This is what was truly […]


R.G. + S.G ~ The Answer is “Yes!”

January 27, 2012

<cue Mission Impossible soundtrack…dun, dun…dun dun dun, dun…> “Greetings Agent Dizon, we’ve been expecting you. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves simulating the photoshoot with the deemed-to-be-married couple, Rebekah and Stephan, for the first 10 minutes of the session where serenaders will wait for your cue to swarm in with Boyz II […]


Terry Swan: a Portrait

January 18, 2012

It was a pleasure meeting Terry Swan through a good friend of mine, wherein she required some portraits done for an event out in Vancouver, BC – as she was one of the keynote speakers. We had a fun session at the Distillery Disctrict! Terry was an awesome model and you can see a lot […]


A.R. + S.C. : 100% Engaged!

December 1, 2011

The forecast called for 60% rain that weekend and I was scared that we would have had to postpone Andrea and Steve’s engagement shoot. When we got ready to leave from the East end of the city, it was only drizzling but then halfway through the drive, it started pouring! Having texted with Andrea revealed […]


I.F. + A.M. : 100% Engaged!

October 18, 2011

mddphotography gets punk’d. Yup! You read that right. But this practical joke ended up with a very heartwarming result rather than leaving the victim with a very embarassing facial expression as the accomplices slowly come out of the woodwork still laughing and pointing fingers. :0P To make a long story short, I had received an […]


Published! Dabble Magazine (Fall 2011)

August 31, 2011

All thanks to Lisa Canning, I have yet another chance to be published in Dabble Magazine! We had gotten together to do another photoshoot, this time with a trendy looking bean bag. It was quite fun choosing a variety of poses and in the end, here is what they had chosen (page 16, Dabble Magazine–Fall […]


J.C. + I.V. : 100% Engaged!

July 26, 2011

“The Date Night”…is how Jocelyn and Immanuel had described the essence of what they wanted out of their photos for the engagement session. And that’s what we did! The “date” started off at the beautiful brick/industrial area of the Distillery District. While near the coast, why not a romantic stroll along the boardwalk of Toronto’s […]


F.M. + T.A : 100% Engaged!

July 11, 2011

“Silent…but STRONG!” is how I can describe one of ‘ma boyz’ from high school. And it’s through destiny that Terry and his fiancée, Filomena, should journey towards an awesome life in matrimony! Both having met at the University of Toronto (St. George Campus), it was the perfect backdrop to take their engagement shots. We had […]


Lisa Canning’s Photoshoot for Dabble Magazine

June 29, 2011

One of my good friends, Lisa Canning, had asked me to do some portraits for her feature in Dabble Magazine. It has been great to watch her success grow over the years and it’s no surprise that her talent made (makes) her a sought after interior stylist. So much so that she’s a regular on […]


M.B. + T.S. : Engaged!

May 11, 2011

Do I have all the luck or what? Another engagement photoshoot and it rains! Ah, but I DO have the luck…working with a wonderful couple, Macarena and Tony!!! Tony’s sister, Marianne, is a good friend of mine and she was very kind enough to recommend me, as they will be getting married this June. This […]


Elements of Beauty ~ Make-up Artistry

January 27, 2011

And that’s the name of my friend’s make-up business “Elements of Beauty“. So here’s a quick anecdote…when Michelle and I moved into our very first apartment (after one of the most wonderful days of our lives: our wedding!), the inaugural laundry day had finally come! In excitement, we went to the laundry room with our […]