Callum Familyshoot

January 26, 2012

Although there hadn’t been an original post for these group of pictures, they were featured in the gallery in my previous website design. At least now, I can talk a little more about them!

Back in 2007, Michelle (my cousin) and Cameron had asked me to take “belly” shots as they were expecting their first son, Ethan. We had a great time and to tell you honestly, it was my first “belly” photoshoot…and they knew that too! Haha! They made it so easy for me, as you could tell their anticipation for their first born was reflected in their bond caught by the camera.

Forward to 2009, Ethan’s grown to be a strapping young man and this time, he’s expecting the arrival of his brother, Matthew. It was very gracious of them to ask me for another shoot, which I took without hesitation. I tell you this (and not that I’m biased by relation!) … this Callum family is so giving and loving of each other, it’s indescribable. Even Baxter, their dog, adds to the wonderful essence that make anyone feel cared for when you’re around this family.

Hope you enjoy these family pics!

001-mddIMG_3267_lo-res.jpg     002-mddIMG_3269_lo-res.jpg
003-mddIMG_3273_lo-res.jpg     008-mddIMG_3306_lo-res.jpg
005-mddIMG_3293_lo-res.jpg     006-mddIMG_3296_lo-res.jpg
011-mdd_MG_1151_lo-res.jpg     001-mdd_MG_1120_lo-res.jpg

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