Welcome! Come in! Eat! Eat!…as my Filipino aunt would always say as I stepped halfway through her front door – forgetting about the mundane formalities of “Hi!” or “How are you?” As was her intent, I hope you also enjoy and feast on the photographs I have prepared. Who would have thought that a 10-year subscription to National Geographic when I was younger would lead to a passion for photography later on in life? Okay, so I’ll be honest to say that I didn’t actually read the articles. But the images were so resonant that they had a great impact on how I view the world now. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I like to capture moments in time in a photojournalistic way (hence, the National Geographic plug) yet treat each frame, each image as a work of art. I travel as light as I can and let the natural light reveal the beauty and character of the photo.

I cannot express how grateful I am to our Lord, Jesus Christ, for through Him, I am able to specialize in sacramental weddings, engagement sessions, family lifestyle sessions, maternity + newborn sessions and portraiture + head shots.

Jesus looked straight at them and answered, ‘This is impossible for human beings, but for God everything is possible.’” – Matt 19:26

God bless you!

Michael Dave Dizon