About Face: Michael Chan

July 28, 2016

Michael Chan and I were destined to reunite. Back “in the day” (even before we were born), our mothers were co-workers for the Bank of Nova Scotia. Fast forward to six years ago when we moved into town, there was this guy who was outgoing, very easy to talk to, talented musician and just all-round happy-smiley individual who I kept on seeing at church because he joined the choir. It was only after a few masses that our parents recognized each other and we were like, “She’s your mother?! You know each other?!” Then, as we got talking, we started to realize of all the mutual friends we had in the circle of musicians we knew! How providential was this reunion!

I was only honoured when he asked me to do this portrait session, as he ventured into using his talents. You can see we had a little more fun in the last few frames. So, if you want to enjoy your (wedding/corporate/party) event with amusement and laughter, consider this extraordinary and talented MC … click here => Nth Degree Entertainment.


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