A Day in a Life of Emery

July 23, 2015

This was the funnest, most creative family session yet. Edgar and I go way back…high school. He was a grade older, yet being both in the visual arts streams, he was truly someone I looked up to (and not because he was anywhere near taller than me *inside j/k!*!). From his drawings to his paintings and his graphic design in college, I only aspired to be as creative as him. I am lucky enough to see him more often, despite the busy schedules of work and having families. In one of our walk-and-talks, he approached me to do a family session, not only to capture this phase in his life but as a thoughtful and loving surprise birthday present for his wife, Shiu-Chi. I was so humbled!!!

Of course, he shared his vision of how the session was going to go and boy, was I excited. This was practically going to be like covering a wedding: getting candids of the subjects in action, capturing details along the way, and some portraiture from time to time. And that’s why this family session is entitled: “A Day in a Life of Emery”.

Emery was soooo cute and ready for action. Edgar and Shiu-Chi were excellent parents, knowing how to keep her entertained and, most of all, smiling for the camera. In the couple of hours we had together, we took a pleasant stroll through Main Street, Unionville, covering both the quaint street and the neighbouring Too Good Pond. And we finished off for some last lifestyle shots at their beautiful home.

As a result, I now offer this “Lifestyle Package”, as another option to a formalized portrait session.

Thank you Edgar, Shiu-Chi and Emery for allowing me to be a part of your life’s journey! Love you all!

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